5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney for Your Legal Needs


In their initial meeting, many prospective customers are too intimidated by their lawyer or too focused on their case to ask questions. The clients are always welcome to inquire further in subsequent meetings. As soon as possible, the client should make an effort to learn a few details about their possible attorney.


Some lawyers choose to leave practice as soon as they graduate from law school. In the courts, a lengthy legal career does not ensure success or failure. You can inquire further about their prior legal experience, practice location, and place of education.

Area of expertise and additional situations to manage

Very few attorneys focus exclusively on one area of the law. For example, even family law firms have to deal with divorce, child support, custody, visitation, and other related cases. Inquire about the attorney’s practice areas and the amount of time they devote to each.

Usual clients

You might not be familiar with the lawyer or the firm if you find them through an internet search. Even before scheduling your initial appointment, you might need to ask these questions of your potential lawyer. Certain divorce firms will not accept dissolutions by summary. By posing appropriate questions, everyone can save time. Ask for a reference if the lawyer does not take on cases similar to yours.

Similar cases as the client

Of course, the lawyer cannot provide you with specifics. However, do not hesitate to enquire about the lawyer’s experience handling instances like yours. Find out if these cases are settled, whether they proceed to trial, and how many cases the lawyer handles annually.

Fee agreement

Never be afraid to inquire about attorney fees. Find out the hourly rate and retainer for the lawyer. If money is a concern for you, be clear about it. Inquire about alternatives to regular payment plans or flat prices as payment options. You can find out if this is a contingency fee case from the lawyer.


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