6 Common Financial Disputes in a Divorce Procedure


Divorce can have significant financial consequences, short and long term. Knowing what these financial difficulties are can assist you in developing a plan to secure your money. Here are six of the most common financial disputes in a divorce procedure, either in Singapore or overseas.

#1 Joint Account Management

Most couples choose to open a joint account upon marriage. It is one of the most common reasons for money problems. Under the law, money earned by one party during the marriage is considered a marital asset.

#2 Alterations on Income

Income will naturally shift with divorce, mainly if the spouses split bill payments. The best divorce lawyer in Singapore will advise you to determine if your income is sufficient to cover monthly needs before proceeding with your divorce.

#3 Division of Marital Assets

Any assets obtained by the couple while married are considered marital assets. The Singapore court makes various divorce process considerations, including prenuptial agreements and the requirements of any children.

#4 Residence

Housing is one of the most challenging issues that divorcing spouses encounter. Financial concerns in a divorce can also affect the care of dependents.

#5 Division of Debts

Divorces are frequently the result of unilateral debts. The Singapore courts distinguish between joint and individual liabilities.

#6 Misuse of Finance

Financial abuse will probably occur during divorce procedures. After all, undergoing a divorce in Singapore or overseas can cost a fortune. Consult an experienced divorce attorney to assist you to comprehend asset split and financial concerns in a divorce.

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